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DreamCare Baby Formula

Here at DreamCare, we believe that when it comes to your baby it is essential to make sure the formula you are using is natural, safe and most importantly, healthy. We start with establishing three types of nutritionally complete formulas tailored to your child’s growth and needs depending on their age, as well as a strict quality control process with advanced manufacturing techniques.

With Access to fresh quality milk from the finest dairy farms that utilize natural pasture-feeding, DreamCare manufactures high quality infant formulas from the green fields of Australia and New Zealand with a purely Natural Taste.

DreamCare Baby Formula 0-12M

Designed for 0-12 months’ babies
Net Content: 900g
Made in: New Zealand

DreamCare Baby Formula 0-6M consists of up to 8208mg α-lactoalbumin which is very close to the α-lactoalbumin content of breast milk.

  • α-lactoalbumin is the finest complete protein in cow’s milk, which can be easily and completely absorbed by babies through digestion.
  • α-lactoalbumin is also essential to baby neurological development and sleep quality improvement.

The scientific combination of DHA: ARA 2:1 provides essential nutrition to babies’ visual and cognitive development.

DreamCare Baby Formula 6-12M

Designed for 6-12months’ babies
Net Content: 900g
Made in: New Zealand

At the age of 6 months, babies need additional nutrition to build and maintain adequate bone mass.

DreamCare Baby Formula 6-12M provides a combination of vitamins and minerals that:

  • Follow standard pharmaceutical institution regulation requirements;
  • Guarantee a balance of nutrients by providing additional supplement in a scientific way.

Also, DreamCare Baby Formula 6-12M has a net content of 2650mg GOS.

GOS can effectively stimulate the turnover of appropriate bacteria in the large intestine which in turn stimulate and enhance the mucosal immune system, protect babies from diseases resulting from indigestion, and lower the probability of babies’ allergy or infection.

DreamCare Baby Formula 1-3Y

Designed for 1-3years’ children
Net Content: 900g
Made in: New Zealand

DreamCare Baby Formula 1-3Y introduces a special NICCA supporting system:

  • Nucleotides - important to maturation of immune system and growth of tissues;
  • Inositol, essential vitamin for optimal growth and prevention of deficiency disorders;
  • Choline, important to brain and memory development;
  • Calcium, helps to build and maintain adequate bone mass during early childhood;
  • ARA+DHA, helps to facilitate visual and cognitive development.

NICCA system comprehensively meets the need of nutritional requirements of young children from 1-3 years’ old.

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