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About DreamCare

DreamCare Baby Formula is the flagship product brought to you by Dream Industrial Pty Ltd.

As part of an international Hi-Tech manufacturing group founded in 1996, Dream Industrial Pty Ltd works with world class laboratories and manufacturing facilities to introduce the best of breed products from Australia and New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand are well known for having the strictest and the most comprehensive regulatory controls in the world to ensure that baby formulas conform to the highest standards of quality and safety.

DreamCare Baby Formula is fully accredited by Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia and New Zealand. The product is manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice and is GMP certified.

Our Products

Here at DreamCare, we believe that when it comes to your baby, it is essential to make sure the formula’s you are using are natural, safe and most importantly, healthy. We start with establishing three types of nutritionally complete formulas tailored to your child’s growth and needs depending on what age they are, as well as a strict quality control process with advanced manufacturing techniques.

With access to fresh quality milk from the finest dairy farms that utilize natural pasture-feeding, DreamCare manufactures high quality infant formulas from the green fields of Australia and New Zealand with a purely Natural Taste.

DreamCare Baby Formula 0-12M

Premium starter infant formula specially designed for 0-6 months’ old babies which is nutritionally complete and formulated for healthy infants from birth. DreamCare Baby Formula 0-6M contains α-lactoalbumin, a beneficial whey protein, can improve your baby’s sleeping quality and contribute to your baby’s dietary adequacy.

DreamCare Baby Formula 6-12M

Premium follow-on infant formula which is specially designed for healthy infants from 6 months. DreamCare Baby Formula 6-12M is rich in GOS, beneficial probiotic bacteria. DreamCare Baby Formula 6-12M with GOS helps to support your baby’s natural intestinal flora, digestive and immune systems.

DreamCare Baby Formula 1-3Y

Premium milk drink for toddlers aged 1-3 years. DreamCare Baby Formula 1-3Y offers a special NICCA combination of Nucleotides, Inositol, Choline, Calcium, and ARA & DHA to help to complement the daily nutritional needs of energetic toddlers.

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